The Hello Hello Show produces music and videos for toddlers, preschoolers and grade school kids.  With an emphasis on introducing new ideas, people, animals, and places, your kids will have fun learning and singing along while discovering the world.

The Hello Hello Show! is a children's music project based in Montreal, Canada featuring me, Christopher Pennington, and my musical friends. After 20 years of writing, singing, and producing hundreds of multiple award winning children's albums for companies like Kidzup, The Kiboomers, and Kids Direct, I've decided to strike out on my own. The Hello Hello Show's music is a throwback to an old school approach; no gimmicks, no elaborate costumes - just musical and often very funny songs that speak to a child's imagination and sense of fun and wonder.  With engaging, mostly acoustic arrangements and close harmonies reminiscent of the Everly Brothers and the Beatles, The Hello Hello Show! aims to stake out a friendly little niche in the world of children's entertainment.




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